Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too Much Snow

Virginia should change its zip code to that of the most Northern tip of Alaska. I am fed up of the non stop 20 plus inch blizzards! I apologize for my lack of updates as of late. The truth is that I have recently changed jobs and training got the best of me. I had barely any time to lift, and next to none throwing. I was intending on getting back on the horse this past weekend but the 40 inches of snow makes it very difficult to find my car, and impossible to go anywhere or do much of anything but hope the house doesn't get consumed. Also, my blogger account has been acting funny because my Ads and site statistics aren't coming through properly. I have to resolve these problems soon. Apart from that, I hope everyone competing indoors is doing well and kicking some tail. Feel free to let me know you progressions and I will post them up!
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! or email me at 0a4w@virginia.edu