Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Secret to Happiness

A Smurf dances and smiles
My wonderful readers, thanks for your continuous support of my blog. Today I want to inform you of what the real secret to happiness is. This is very important because we all seem to go after it everyday. For some it is a destination, for others it is now and yet for others it is unattainable. Why is it so hard to be and stay happy? In my opinion it has to do with our western industrial society as a whole telling us what happiness means. It feels as though everyone nowadays has lost their internal capacities to decide what their true definition of happiness is and as a result, rely on their societal fads to choose it for them through the media and popular notions.
What is your source of joy? I know mine lays in the satisfaction that I am alive for a reason that has to do with acquiring wisdom from everyone and every experience I encounter in a way that helps me help others in my realm of influence solve mental, physical and philosophical problems. Again, I ask you, what is your joy? Don't be vague or rely upon others for your joy and happiness. Remember that true happiness flows from the internal to the external and not the reverse.
Now, what is the secret to happiness? It is simple because just as you choose which clothes you put on in the morning or as you choose which throwing implement to throw for competition, it is a choice. Don't let anybody convince you otherwise. Bad things happen in life all the time, at times we are unlucky and at times we finish last place in competition but we still have the choice to be happy after all is said and done. Choose it always.

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Javelin throw far, Throw hard said...

like this one yemi, it is a good segway from the failure blog before it.

Y. Ayeni said...

Thanks bud. keep up the good work with your blog.