Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowed In Workouts

There are times when mother nature disallows us from getting to the weight room. It could be in the form of a blizzard such as the one that hit us here in Virginia with over 24 inches, flooding, etc. Whatever the event, there are some killer workouts you can do in order keep the intensity of your workouts. Here are my favorites.

Superman Push-ups
  • Great for replacing the bench press and will work some of the muscles the bench press missed and I am sure it will hurt after a couple of sets. Feel the burn!
Doorway Single Leg Squats

  • This is great in place of the squat, which will make you say ouch in a matter of 5 reps.
Series of core exercises

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  • These are great for all the stabilizing muscles in the core. There are so many types of core exercises available that I could spend all day going down the list. I advise you to choose your top three or four and run with it. Mine are the plank with several variations, back crunches with variation (single leg, both legs, single arm, both arms), crunches with variation.

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