Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hit the Wall
Have you ever felt as though you have come to your mental and physical limits? Have you ever felt that one more step or one more thought would consume your soul in agony? If you responded yes to either of these two questions you are have encountered something coined as "hitting the wall." As humans we have the in instinctual defense of quitting when we have done all we mentally, physically and emotionally can. Therefore it takes superhuman abilities to continue. There have been times as of late when I feel the urge to just throw in the towel and continue on without realizing the dream because of stress from work, family dilemmas and life in general. Sometimes it feels as though if I do one more heavy squat my knees will blow out, or if I take one more throw my shoulder will explode. Sometimes it seems every step I take forward is two steps back, but then I think back on the great times in the past and the ones I will have in the future. I think about how far I have come and how hard I have worked to get here. Upon looking back, it is those times when I thought I had reached my limits that my superhuman ability to continue kicked in, leading me to achieve success where others around me failed. The road to your goals will be lonely because, even those you love will doubt you at times. Do not let the negativity of life stop you from reaching your goals. Be superhuman.
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