Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Discus Shoes

Discus shoes are always a touchy subject for discus throwers. Some people stick with what they know while others like to try new things. If you are like me however, you like to do a bit of both. The truth is that reviews for discus shoes are not very common and if you are a pessimist like me, knowledge is power. Therefore todays post will focus on my top three favorite pair of booties and on the flip-side, my least favorite.
First, I must caution you that this is just an opinion so don't scold me for being partial about my favorite pair of throwing shoes. Secondly, understand that shoes are a very important aspect of throwing the discus and depending on what type of thrower you are, will determine if you will be have a successful technique. Thirdly and most importantly is the concept of foot comfort.
Because this is purely opinion based, I must mention that my opinion should not be taken lightly due to the numerous encounters I have had with elite throwers who also share the same vantage points for shoes. Moving on, it is important to know understand the kind of thrower you are before you purchase a pair of discus kicks because this can drastically improve your performance. I.e if you are a slow technician, you might want something a bit fast and vice versa. My first pair of throwing shoes were wrestling shoes because my coach knew spin shoes would hurt my form initially. It wasn't until I became a more technically sound thrower that my coach advised me to get a pair of Nike SD's. Also, as I mentioned earlier, comfort is key as well. If your feet are in pain when throwing, your technique will be affected and your poor marks will be numerous. This can be extended to the issue of size, "know thy size and comfort is the prize." Without a proper size, your feet, which are the gateways to your throwing technique, will not help you throw far. Therefore comfort is the key.
Take a look at what some of our top discus throwers today like to wear:
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.We can see here that Gerd likes the fast Nike zoom rotationals 3's see that Lars Loves his slow Adidas Throwstars see that at one point I enjoyed the Nike SD's

Of all the shoes I've worn, here are my top 3:
No. 1 is the Nike SD because they are the best shoes for beginners who want to have the best of everything in a shoe which will complement any technique level. I've used these shoes for several years of my career and they are my favorite shoes because they are lightweight, comfortable, medium spinning speed and durable.
No. 2 is the Nike Zoom rotational IV because they are a step above the SDs (above) as far as speed goes, but offer just as much comfort and support in a very attractive color I feel. Although I must caution you that these throwing shoes are not for beginners who are still building their technique because they are fast. I just started wearing them and this is my 9th year throwing!
No. 3 is the original Nike Zoom Rotational (Red black) most throwers I talk to tell me that this is the best throwing shoe Nike ever made. Although I have never worn a pair myself. Due to the acclaim it has received, I give it my stamp of approval as well. As far as the speed goes, I hear it is fast, very comfortable and durable. Even Adam Nelson (Shot Put Olympian) approves it.

My opinion of a throwing shoe to stay away from, here it is:
The New Balance ROT's are Poorly designed and have a rigid arch. I have not seen any national caliber thrower wear them or endorse them. People in general seem to stay away from these shoes. But as I mentioned this is just my opinion and I know New Balance makes better products.

Shoe Review: look for comfort first, speed of shoe that complements your technique second and lastly, style. But remember, its not how good you look, it's how far you throw. Chow for now.

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