Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm back from Nigeria and boy am I pooped. International traveling is not for the meek and eventually breaks down the strong. Imagine sitting in those cramped economy airline seats for 8 hours while sitting next to a stranger who smells like he went to the bathroom on himself. I prayed to the almighty to save me from the smelly stranger but the only solstice I could gain was from my i pod and an occasional doze here and there.
Anyway, Nigeria was a good time! Nice people, good food and good teammates. I was one of a few other USA based Nigerian athletes that were invited to the meet. The meet took place at the national stadium situated in the capital, Abuja. The competition took place in center field and the stands were not packed. Our discus competition took place at 3pm on Saturday and I was still jet lagged. With only two fair throws and four fouls I was not at the top of my game. I ended up throwing only 56meters but with it I won with a landslide. My competition consisted of the biggest and strongest Nigeria had to offer but most lacked the technique to throw more than 50 meters. With this easy win I waved to the few family and spectators watching me in the stands and went home.
Its great to be back. I know you all missed me but please hold the kisses because its time for business.

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Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK!!! LOL. Sorry about your time on the plane. That is so funny. Yeah I know international traveling is tough. Congrats on the win! I'm happy for you. So what are you up to now that you are back?

Yemi Ayeni (D.M.F) said...

I started working so I will take the next month off and begin training again in sept/ oct