Monday, July 20, 2009

We can all learn something from Werner Günthör

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I stumbled upon a training style that humbled me, I know I know, this man above is holding a shot put so please hold the insults and boos for later please. This is a rare look into the training of one of the most athletic and successful throwers to ever live. His training style in particular is something we can all learn from as discus throwers. Coaches, take notes. Athletes take notes and show them to your coaches because Werner Gunthor's training regiment is to be respected and replicated.
According to Wiki:
Werner Günthör (born June 1, 1961 in Uttwil) is a former Swiss track and Field athlete, who was the best shot putter in the history of Swiss track and field.
Günthör won three straight World Championships, 1987, 1991, and 1993, as well as one European Championship in 1986. At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul he won the bronze medal.
His personal best throw, and Swiss record, was 22.75 metres, achieved in August 1988 in Bern. The 2.00 meter tall natural athlete also competed in the bobsled (Which means he is athletic and did a lot of sprint work also). He trained to be a sanitation installer but later completed study in sports and works today as a sport teacher and track and field coach. He is married and lives in Biel.

Now take a look at some of his training. I propose you watch it from top to bottom on the You tube video bar on the top right of the site because it has 4 parts, enjoy. (It is in a foreign language but you will get the gist of it all)

After I watched this video I realized that I needed to take my training to the next level like he is doing. Luckily a lot of the things he does, I do as well. The main difference I want you all to focus on is his intensity. Watch how he constantly focuses on explosive lifts and drills. As discus throwers, we can take a lot out of this video because everything in it can help us. Some of you might be thinking that this is a shot putters workout but I strongly believe that if Gunthor knew how to throw the discus he could be a 70 meter thrower based on his training and athletic ability. Open your minds to his style of training and I am sure it will bless your style greatly. Disc heads dismissed!

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Yemi Ayeni (D.M.F) said...

Gunthor's Training is crazy huh?