Friday, July 17, 2009

Snatch it up

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I had a long conversation with Anthony Washington about the weight room and his thoughts about the most effective lift in the weight room. Here is what my pal had to say:
  • The hang snatch is the most important lift for the discus throw
    • Essentially, his reasoning was due to the fact that it mimics the discus technique the best. If you really break down the hang snatch, what about it makes Anthony insist that it is the best lift? Lets look at the pictures below:
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    • As you can see above, the "catching" phase of the snatch resembles the power position in the discus throw. Notice how the knees are slightly bent just like the snatch. Also, notice how the snatch ensures a tight core in order to support the weight, which is transferred to a strong and upright torso in the power position during a throw. Furthermore, the hang snatch, next to the hang clean, is one of the most explosive total body lifts which is always needed for building those fast twitch muscle fibers. Lastly, notice the hand positions and how closely they resemble the hand positions of a power position.
      • At the most basic level of dissection, in my opinion, the snatch reinforces good habits in the discus throw because of the muscle groups engaged in the snatch position. We should take not of this.
Although we talked about other lifts, Anthony insisted that this was the best bang for your buck lift and it gave results! Of course there are other lifts that need to be addressed in the weight room in order to ensure muscle balance and attain other levels of power not provided by the snatch but todays post should help us all take a closer look at why we should incorporate the snatch into our lifting more frequently. Peace love and discus.

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