Monday, August 3, 2009

And on the seventh Day God rested

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There is nothing better than getting a good nights sleep after working hard all day. After a hard lift, the first thing I want is a protein shake and a nap. There is no doubt that rest is one of the most important parts of our workouts but exactly how important is it? Well for starters, many religions and cultures usually set aside one day or a period in the day devoted to rest and relaxation. Often times we can get caught up in the concept that hard work will bequeath good results but we have to remember that overworking is just as detrimental to out success as much as being lazy does.
There is a stigma attached to taking extended periods off from training because it is waste of valuable training time. After working hard for an extended period of several difficult solid weeks in the weight room and the circle, you are entitled to at least a week of total rest. When I say total rest I mean staying away from the weights and throwing. Taking a week completely off after a hard cycle will go a long way in body recovery, agility and mental enthusiasm. There are several studies that show that taking periods off of between 5-14 days from working out after several weeks/months of working out does not significantly reduce strength levels. It only makes sense. The human body is amazing because it is an adapting machine and will not loose its abilities in such a short span.
According to an article on entitled The Importance of Rest " I want you to look at your last year’s training, when’s the last time you took an extended break from training, or took a week or two to do something completely different. Stay out of the weight room, go do bodyweight circuits in the park. Hike in the hills for some leg training, just go do something different. And don’t be afraid to take 5 days of easy training every 3-4 months to give your body and mind a break, you won’t lose anything and you may find that you gain a lot when you come back to the gym. Both physically and psychologically. Because, let’s face it, if training is a chore and you’re not pushing yourself, you’re not making gains anyhow. Taking some time away from your training can refresh the mind as well as the body and get you more excited about your training."
If the God rested on the 7th day after creating the earth. How much more important is it that we do the same on an even greater level? Very important. Rest is a gift that we should give ourselves more often than we think we need. Discus heads rest!!
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Anonymous said...

Great post! Lol! I always love what you have to say. So basically I used to run. I ran a lot and I considered myself very fit. School and life got in the way and I stopped running for a while. I am slowly but surely trying to get back into it tho. I guess I just rested too long. LOL.
Well, keep up the good work discus guru! So how will you be spending your relaxing time?

Yemi Ayeni (D.M.F) said...

A good solid month!