Monday, August 10, 2009

Inch by Inch its a sinch

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My first coach introduced me to the discus throw at the tender age of 14. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a coach that knew my potential and how to develop my skill in such a way that it would set a strong foundation for the rest of my prolific throwing career.
  • He taught me hard work: he would always let me know that without hard work I would never have what it takes to throw farther. This meant hours of technique work, throwing, and dedication beyond my years. In my opinion, the ability to work hard and smart is what got me to where I am today.
  • He taught me to believe in my self and refuse to let self doubt overwhelm me. Sometimes, as we develop in this sport of ours, there are many times we forget to acknowledge that we are not going to achieve greatness without confronting defeat. With this came the concept of "inch by inch its a sinch."
  • Inch by inch it is a sinch! Every last one of us would love to PR by 5 meters every day we throw but the reality is that it will never happen like that. If it does, it is unnatural and you will probably need a drug test. The concept of achieving greatness through a slow and steady progression is the best way to achieve success in the throws. And usually the only way.
  • Give yourself time to grow. The truth about the throws is that the best throwers in the world are usually close to 30 for the most part (some are in mid 20's too). I am just 23 so I know I have many good years of throwing ahead of me!
My advice to young throwers everywhere is to give yourself a time line that is realistic to success. Trying to achieve too much too soon will only lead to frustration and a lack of focus, which means you will be more predisposed to fail. Be realistic, "even thieves know it takes time to be great." Discus heads dismissed.
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