Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to work

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After a month of solid rest, ladies and gentleman it is time to start again! It went by so fast but I am ready to begin so I will keep you posted on my progress. I know several of you will be getting ready to start your training soon so I know exactly what you are going through. The pain and hard work ahead necessary to get back to the level you left off last season will be tough but you will get there. Don't forget to focus on the goal ahead and the determination necessary to achieve success. Here are a few questions to focus on before you return to your training:
  • What can I do this pre-season that will help me succeed more than I did last year?
  • What bad habits do I need to stop this season?
  • What are my short term goals in relation to my training?
  • What are my longterm goals?
  • What will it take to achieve my goals?
  • What did I learn from last seasons failures?
  • Are my goals aligned with my coaches? If not, how can I achieve this?
  • Am I ready?
The purpose of these questions is for us to know why and what our plan for the upcoming year should be. Answering these questions will ensure that the blueprint for our season is properly planned before we start building the physical structure, which will either come out as beautiful as a castle, look as shabby as a hut or unstable due to a faulty foundation. I wish you all luck in your planning process. Let the fun begin!
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Anonymous said...

Yemi, you are very good! Your blog is very interesting and fascinating.
Thank you for your endeavour!
From russia with love ;)

Yemi Ayeni (D.M.F) said...

From America with love too brother.

Danny John said...

I'm a big fan of your work. I have a site, , that has a lot of discus stuff, including lots of information from the John Powell Discus Camps through the years, and a free discus throwing book. Use anything you like...

Dan John

Yemi Ayeni (D.M.F) said...

Thanks Danny!