Friday, August 7, 2009 Thrower Commandments

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These commandments are to live by! I just stumbled upon them and we should all take a look at it. Long and Strong magazine is great stuff.


  • Thou shalt have fun! If you're not, why bother?
  • Never turn your back on the ring/runway!You run the risk of death or decapitation if you do!
  • Thou shalt set goals, and have a plan to achieve them. Incremental improvement leads to long-term sucess.
  • Thou shalt want instructional videotapes. The best way to develop a concept of how you want to throw.
  • Thou shalt be videotaped There's often a huge gap between what you think you're doing, and what you actually are. If you lack a coach with a good critical eye, this is a must. Tape yourself from various angles. Video can save you hours of frustration in the ring.
  • Thou shalt make the most of each practice, and each practice attempt. Know what you want to achieve before each session, each throw.
  • Thou shalt practice visualization. Mental rehearsal is the foundation for physical execution.
  • You can learn alot more from a 150' thrower than a 200'er. Emulate those who get the most from their ability, not necessarily those with the most ability.
  • All screwed up? Back to the BASICS When faced with major technique problems, revert back to the basics. Rely on fundamentals and drills to get you through.
  • THOU SHALT NOT "OVERTHROW" Be instinctive regarding the number of throws you take. Don't take 60 throws when you feel yourself tiring after 40. Muscle fatigue leads to overcompensation and in turn technique breakdown.


  • Thou shalt NOT do STEROIDS!!! Say no more!
  • Thou shalt not follow bodybuilding magazine workouts. Why? You're not a bodybuilder and you don't juice like the IFBB stars. Three hour workouts, twice a day??? Puhleeezz!
  • Less is often more. This is especially true as you get older. One set to failure for each bodypart every four to seven days can give better results than every other day marathon sessions.
  • Thou shalt stress Olympic and Power lifts. These lifts most closely resemble what we do. THINK LEGS!
  • Thou shalt not buy the supplement of the month. Research before you buy. Creatine monohydrate is one of the few that are universally accepted. And make sure what you're taking is legal.
  • Thou shalt change your workouts periodically. Everything gets stale. Variety is the spice of life!

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Anonymous said...

cool cool. I need to get strong!

Javier RodrĂ­guez Rosete said...

Hey discusguru!
hello again and welcome back home!
i hope you had such a great time in Your born country,Nigeria.
I'm very agree with you about the things you told me.Now i'm on holidays but when i come back to the circles,i'll put them on!
And if you wanna get a fine time watching videos of Gerd Kanter and Koklyaev lifting very heavy weights,have a look at my last post.
Bye-bye and good luck!