Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Waste Time

don't waste your time
Remember that it is more about quality than quantity. In our daily work outs, there should be an alloted time for every work out. Having an alloted time keeps us from a) having proper intensity b) wasting time between sets/throws c) loosing focus on tasks. Life is too short to be stuck in the weight room or in the throwing circle half the day. The next time you go to practice, think about how much you are actually getting done with your time. I bet that if you recorded your whole practice and lift, you would see that about half your time is spent doing neither of the two. I know, I know, there are some of you on top of your game but if you are like me, sometimes you like to crack a few jokes between sets in the weight room and play charades when the throwing weather is great. The fact is that if you have a lot of free time to do that, fine but if you do not, I highly recommend that you stay focused. I just became a working man and boy do I have little time to spare, so focusing more on the tasks at workouts has become a priority. Again, let me simplify the three concepts I mentioned earlier.
A) Intensity, is key in workouts. No matter what you do in life, the weight room or the throwing circle, without proper intensity, you have already failed. Anybody can complete a task if given an unlimited amount of time to finish it, however, something happens when somebody is given a deadline. Suddenly, the person knows that they have to increase their intensity in order to achieve the task within the alloted time, which makes them more technically efficient. Intensity is good because it motivates us to do the task to the best of our ability in the shortest time frame that ensures it gets done well the first time. Intensity at practice translates to exceptional intensity in competition.
B) Wasting time between sets and throws is a byproduct of having too much free time on your schedule. Have you ever noticed that when you are doing anything other than what you aught to be doing at practice, you feel like you are not working hard? That is because you are not. An example of wasting time at practice would be like a long distance runner training for the mile but stopping every quarter mile to check e-mail's on his blackberry. The day of the race comes and he realizes he does not have the potential to win because he wasted too much time not training properly. The same thing can happen in throwing and lifting if you do not train with the proper intensity. To prevent this, try to include timed rest between throws or reps. Allow just enough time to recover and get right back to it.
C) Loosing focus on tasks is a byproduct of time disorganization. In order to prevent loss of focus, shut out all distractions and focus a hundred percent on proper execution of technique instead. Put away the I-pod when working out and look at your technique in the mirror instead. When throwing, do less distance-measuring and practice more on the feel of your technique. Don't worry about distance at practice, remember that distance in competition is as a result of proper intensity and technical focus in practice.

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