Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keep it Simple

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Failure in many aspects of our life can be attributed to complications. The major problem I have with complicated situations is my inability to fully understand what is going on. Not knowing exactly what to expect, not knowing if I am handling the situation properly, feeling anxious and stressed etc. Even more stressful is that all these thoughts seem to complicate the already complicated issue, which led me to think about a simple concept called simplicity. Keeping it simple in all aspects of everyday living with regards to family, work, relationships, athletics and life can make a whole world of difference in this ever transforming world.
"If you have too much on your plate, stop eating and give some to the dog." In other words, when life gets too complicated simply stop complicating it further by doing more. You can achieve this by simply only doing only what you can handle. There comes a point when you have to say "no more!" Sometimes we forget how satisfying saying no is. In my opinion, the word no is not used enough because we are conditioned as a nation (Americans) to yes. Say no to doing work on your day off! Say no to the voice in your head that tells you that you need to get two cheese burgers instead of one! Say no to the voice that tells you that being successful means having more physical possessions! Say no to overdoing it in the weight room! Say no to the voice that tells you that you need to gain 50 pounds of muscle before you can throw far! Just say no.
Rather, say yes to the voice that says less is more! Say yes to the spirit that says relax after working hard! Say yes to the conscience that tells you when you have had your fill! Say yes to your heart when it tells you to let the things in this world that over-complicate your life go! Say yes to keeping it simple!
When you keep things simple you will find that you have more peace of mind. You also find that you are able to make better decisions and re-evaluate your solutions to achieve a successful goal. For example, whenever I am throwing and I don't feel like things are going well, I simply simplify my thinking and focus on only one aspect of my technique. This gives me the ability to relax and uncomplicate the situation to a level that I can still attain success in that practice. I can always tell if an individuals life is too complicated because they are usually very frustrated. Are you frustrated today? If so, keep it simple.
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