Friday, September 25, 2009

The Humor in throwing

Youtube was a gift from the heavens and every once in a while I see something that I have to laugh at and it so happened this old movie which features Hercules throwing the discus unbelievably far. I hope you get just as good a laugh as I did. Notice how he is focused more on flexing his pecs than actually throwing the implement.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the movie when it first came out as young boy.
Regardless of it's humor it left an impact on me to this day.
I didn't spend countless hours, days, and years in a weight room because Steve Reeves portrayed a good Hercules, but it was the expression on Ulysses face after the throw and his friendliness leading up to it that so amazed me. The discus is not all that easy to me to throw. When in high school I began my work outs in track and field and football. I later got into many strong man competitions. I can also recall in high school hearing about a grandmother that lifted a car off her trapped relative. You don't hear about things like that. Adrenalin can do things like that. Now a days it would have to be from drug use that you hear that from.