Thursday, October 29, 2009


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Commitment relies upon a strong foundation of ethical dedication. Commitment is what gets me out of bed every morning. It is the fuel for my life for things such as my relationships, training athletically, spiritual growth and many others I cannot think of presently. Without this concept, there will be no Olympic champions, innovative thinkers, good parents, leaders or marriages.
Without commitment there will be failure. Have you ever stoped to realize why many relationships fail? The answer is simple; a lack of commitment on the end of one of the parties involved. The same thing applies to our goals as discus throwers because they are our commitment. Goals will always do their part by motivating us to achieve them but it is up to us to be committed to them. Doing so involves, a continuous assessment of why we are committed to our goal; making a conscious daily effort to stay committed; and always choosing the right choices that keep us committed to our goals.
As discus throwers we always have to stay committed to the things that help us attain our goal of being the best athlete we can be. This means, staying away from too much junk food, remember that just because you are gaining weight doesn't mean it is good weight. Also, remember that resting is an important aspect of reaching your goal and although working hard is great, there comes a point where you can become over-committed and loose your passion all together. Try to find a balance and you will succeed.
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