Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have continued to think about what Bruce Lee can teach us and I thought back to his concept of the one inch punch. If any of you knows what that is, you are a true martial arts guru's, or maybe you are like me and enjoy watching kung-Fu movies. Whatever the case is, the fact remains that there is something mystifying about the way the human body can attain such high levels of strength and speed.
The one inch punch concept it very applicable to the discus throw because:
  • It shows that a great amount of force can be applied in a very short distance.
    • In relation to the discus throw, this can be applied to through the concept of the whip.
  • It demonstrates that utilizing the entire body to apply force all at once produces an explosion.
    • At the point close to release, this type of explosive power is needed for transferring all our body momentum and body weight into the implement.
This video below shows just how effective the sudden explosion in a one inch punch is. Imagine if you can hone your skills and apply it to discus throwing.

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