Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Discus Guru tips for the day
This picture has no connection to the post but I just thought it was funny!

I know you were all expecting another interesting post today, which you will receive but I think that occasionally there is some wisdom in life we can all learn from and apply to any facet of our lives. The definition of a Guru is: a trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor. In order to fulfill this role I think that it is important for me to impart to you some advice that have been helpful to me in my athletic and non-athletic life.
  • No matter where you are in life, even if it is not where you want to be, have a positive attitude because you will succeed in the the end.
    • Sometimes, we might not be in a very stable place in our lives but we must make the best of it. You could be in a horrible discus competition where we are last place but instead of being self defeatist, you must stay positive and you will succeed.
  • Accept things that are beyond your control.
    • To put this simply, when something beyond your sphere of influence happens let it go. As long as you have done your best, let go of the regret. When you are in a discus competition and your competitor throws a lifetime personal best you could not beat, you have to accept that you gave your best and let it go.
  • Life is a game we can all learn how to play.
    • Every game consists of winners and losers. Some people will cheat, some will play fair. Some will be in the game for a long time and others for only a short time. When we score, we are happy, and when we get scored upon we get sad. The coach is whatever your values and beliefs constitute, while the playing field is planet earth. The wisest, not the fastest, most talented or cheater, wins. Therefore, seek understanding and wisdom through growing intellectually and spiritually in order to be well equipped to play well. Same thing for the discus, continue to learn how to play the game of learning how to be an effective competitor and you will succeed.
I hope you are able to gain something from these tips.

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